I’m Fee, a creative producer, digital strategist and social change maker based in Greater Manchester. I understand the life of an independent cultural worker because I have lived it myself for over twenty years.

I co-founded a “pioneering” media arts organisation which recognised that the future of content would be mobile seven years before the iPhone hit the American marketplace. I designed and delivered a “groundbreaking” $2.4million strategic initiative for the Australia Council for the Arts. I have been a peer reviewer for arts funding and awards selection panels; a Keynote Speaker for international conferences; and I’ve even had my stint as a presenter on National Radio.

Then I raised $27k on a crowdfunding campaign which went viral allowing me to live in a bus and work with grassroots social change makers across Australia. I’ve worked with Indigenous communities and documented protests and direct actions.

Recently I came back home to Manchester, where I’ve been finding my own signal through my own noise. I am now offering my time as an affordable service toward the things which matter to me – arts, education, communication, wellbeing and changemaking.

Does this sound like you? Have a read about the kinds of clients I’m aiming to work with, check out the expertise I can offer, and then contact me and let’s get this show on the road!