I work with all kinds of individuals, groups and organisations, but this service is designed specifically for the grassroots independents out there.

You will mostly run your own thing – probably juggling a job or two on the side – because despite how hard the work/life balance thing is, you just can’t unsee the ideas you have; you can’t just have all these dreams and not do anything with them; and you know deep in yourself that you have something to say which needs to be heard.

I want to work with you because I see you out there but I know you can’t afford the typical consultant/mentor rates on offer. So I’m offering my time on a lo/no cost, subsidised basis, because I know we need to help each other to keep going, to stay strong.

I’m loosely aiming this service at people who define as artists and makers, producers and facilitators, collaborators and educators, as well as grassroots community organisers working around social change. If you define as some other working title but see yourself in this document, just contact me and we can see if we’d be a good fit.