I know my time is worth £200ph – because I’ve charged that much without people fainting (they even invite me back again…). But this service is primarily designed for those who genuinely can’t afford that much. This is for the people who have to fight hard to survive every day. So I’m setting this up on a sliding scale of £20-200 for the first hour. If I feel we’re on the same page, re values and intentions, I’ll give you a first hour for £20 (in some cases I’ll even do freebies), and for others I’ll charge more and reserve the excess to cover even more low-cost and free sessions.

Beyond that, let’s see what happens – perhaps we’ll organise a regular session at a different rate that suits us both; perhaps we’ll collaborate on something more long term – who knows. But let’s just have a conversation – you talk, I’ll listen and ask strategic questions, and we’ll see what signals I can help you find through your noise.

How can I afford such a low rate? I’m offering the sliding scale so that commercial organisations and others who can pay more can book my time and ‘pay it forward’. I’m also finding alternative funding sources to help subsidise the freebies. But it’s the indies/grassroots I want to work with more than anyone – because I know how it feels to be on your own, trying to be part of the movements which make the world a better place. I know what it’s like to need help and not be able to afford to access it. And I know your voice and your work matters. So hit me up!


These rates are for the first hour’s meeting. Any further bookings will be discussed and negotiated as appropriate.

£0 – subsidised, free consult

This offer is for those who really can’t afford to pay anything, but desperately need help. I can only afford a limited number of these myself so will need to know a bit more about you when you book.

£20 – affordable consult

This offer is exclusive to independent artists and grassroots social change makers. It’s a subsidised service because I know you can’t afford traditional consultancy rates.

£50 – pay it forward consult, indies

This offer is for those independent and grassroots communities who want to help me offer my time at a reduced (and sometimes totally free) rate for others.

£100 – pay it forward consult, commercial

This offer is for those commercial clients who want to help me offer my time at a reduced (and sometimes totally free) rate for others.

£200 – ethics in digital consult, corporate

This offer is for the commercial digital world, where you want to know how ethical your corporate responsibility really is.