the kinds of expertise i can share with you includes (but is not limited to)…

* creative practice – brainstorming and researching your ideas; tools/materials/resources required to make the work; maker communities/spaces to create in and with; collaboration and workshop processes to augment your practice; articulating your thoughts and processes in writing and video, etc;

* audience engagement – building audiences over time and maintaining meaningful contact with them; managing databases & communication platforms properly; the good, bad and ugly of social media and online presence in general; copywriting, public speaking & presentations, etc;

* general operations – applying for funding & awards; managing invoices, contracts, budgets and schedules for herding all those cats and keeping on top of finances; hardware/software and their functional integration into your life and work; all that freelance business lo/no budget stuff including protecting your rights and covering your ass with insurance, etc;

* technology – pretty much anything that the online and digital world might be able to offer to help your work/life patterns – including how to spend more time OFFline without losing your networks; how to organise your changemaking securely and privately; how to publish via ebook and print on demand; and how to save money/time by using open source and smart technologies, etc;

* career growth – as a regular peer reviewer for funding bodies and award juries I can offer feedback on funding proposal and award application drafts. As a Keynote Speaker and regular contributor to conferences and festivals I can help you shape your public speaking talks and presentations. I also have an incredible international network – you need a specialised collaborator? I can help you find them, make introductions, and craft the right working agreements for both of you.

* values, ethics and changemaking – owning your honest vulnerabilities and acknowledging your work/life balance needs; aligning your work with your beliefs through socially engaged practice; recommendations of diverse voices to hear and share and events/practices from which to learn and grow; working cooperatively so that resources are shared and wheels are not reinvented, without losing self-determination.