With One Voice: Sept 2018-present

Since Sept 2018 I’ve been working one day a week as Cultural Partnerships Framework Manager for With One Voice [WOV] – an international movement that aims to strengthen the arts and homelessness sector through exchanges in practice and policy

My role involves mapping existing partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and homelessness support services. The idea is to better understand what has happened before, and what they have found works well/doesn’t work so well, to help future partnerships.

Within that work I’ve been involved in WOV’s International Arts and Homelessness Festival, their Cultural Spaces Training, and a range of other bits n bobs. They’re a genuinely gorgeous crew and it’s a real privilege to be on their team.

Manchester Homelessness Partnership: Jan 2019-present

Related to my WOV role, but in an unpaid position, I was coChair of the Manchester Homelessness Partnership’s Arts and Heritage Action Group from Jan-Oct 2019 and am still on their Steering Group.

In Nov 2019 I became a coChair of the Action Groups coChairs’ meetings (yes that’s a little convoluted as a title! – it means working with all the coChairs of all the Action Groups which make up the Manchester Homelessness Partnership).

I’m also involved with the Greater Manchester Homelessness Action Network [GMHAN], again on an unpaid basis, exploring better methods of communication across the community. There’s a significant lack of confident online engagement in this sector (and realistically, this country, which still surprises me) and that’s a problem for a community of un/underpaid and heavily overstretched grassroots workers. I’ll be sharing more about that work in 2020.